Where are you blogging from?

Where are YOU blogging from?

In a previous post, I talked about a project I had in mind of gathering photos of the favorite blogging spots of bloggers. There is something telling and sometimes touching about a personal working space and the things that surround it. I also like the idea of seeing these « blogging spots » through the eyes of the bloggers themselves, who had to step back for a moment to take the photo.

Anyway, since « une image vaut mille mots », I thought I would give this little project a start with the photos people have sent me this week. Maybe it will inspire you, dear readers and accidental surfers, to take a step back and photograph that desk or favorite blogging spot of yours. (Bilingual version to come soon.)

Take a peek!

Note: In a few days, I will move this feature in a more permanent spot on the sidebar of this page.

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