Media darling

I went to the pre-opening of the new Apple store in Montreal today with a very special assistant-reporter: my nephew Alexis.

PR people should always let reporters bring kids along with them. They make much more natural photography subjects than adults. As soon as he sat at the kids’ station, the photographers were all over him and he got to model for a few Montreal newspapers and Web sites. He thought it was a pretty cool thing to do for his 10th birthday, which is tomorrow.

Bonne fête Alexis!

(Un merci spécial à oncle M., même s’il ne s’est pas pointé ;-)

By Martine

Screenwriter / scénariste-conceptrice


  1. Et puis, tu n’as pas succombé au Iphone? C’est comme le côté noir de la force – impossible d’y résister – tu finiras par tomber! lolll

  2. @sylvaina: J’y songe encore… mais les plans, même ceux de base, sont chers, compte tenu de ma faible utilisation de l’aspect téléphonique de la chose. :-(

    @mare: Yes, he did get the earphones/hockey t-shirt, but it’s an XL. He can use it as a sleeping bag! (And no, we did not have to wait in line. Sorry…)

  3. How great! Excellent point about the youthful reporter assistants. Must be fun to have a cool aunt like you – and now he’ll have all this press for his bday :)

  4. You know, two seconds after I saw you today I was wondering: « Wait… is she walking AWAY from the Apple Store? »

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