Blogging tips for filmmakers

7 Blogging Tips for Filmmakers suggested by Matt Forsythe on the NFB blog.

There’s great, simple advice in there that we should all follow. But hey, look who’s talking! I’m a typical case of the coordonnier mal chaussé. I had all these great ideas for what we could do with the À vos marques… party blog, especially during the long wait between the two movies. But financial concerns, production priorities and the isolating nature of the screenwriter’s work got in the way.

I’m often surprised to see that even though we get decent traffic on the blog, there isn’t a lot of commenting going on. Could it be because of the target audience? Kids and teens tend to write to us when they have a question or when they want something. (Hey, it’s just like parenting!) We’ll obviously get more comments once the movie hits the screens on June 17.

Still, I’m sometimes thinking that Facebook might be a more efficient space for filmmakers to interact with their audience. Facebook makes it easy to react to posts with quick and simple « thumbs up/like » appreciation and fully integrated commenting space, as well as the easy possibility to join a fan group which will then appear on the profile of each fan of the film. Also, it seems easier for publicity folks to come up with quick items for the Facebook page than it is for them to write full blog posts.

The development of online movie promotion and communication will be fascinating to watch in the next few years.

By Martine

Screenwriter / scénariste-conceptrice