La discussion concernant l’impact des réseaux sociaux à laquelle j’ai participé à jeudi, le 4 février, est maintenant disponible en vidéo sur le site de l’émission.

Si vous avez envie de vous exprimer sur le sujet, vous pouvez le faire sur le blogue de (il faut d’abord s’enregistrer avant de pouvoir commenter).

By Martine

Screenwriter / scénariste-conceptrice


  1. Thanks for posting the link! You were great. You really held your own and (in a good way) dominated the conversation! What’s even better is that you represented « the way of the future » (heh) without sounding like you drink the kool-aid…meaning you sounded level headed in your approach.

    I don’t really get the argument that it eradicates your private life (if I understood that correctly). I mean, we are each in control of what we put on those sites. You don’t have to put EVERYTHING out there. That seems to be the biggest misinformation or ignorance regarding social technology – the implications of your interactions and how to make informed decisions about what you will keep private and what is for wide release.

    Which I can see is the danger with teens & young people as often they’re in their « nothing can hurt me » bubble and don’t often take the long view.

    But for adults that decide to post compromising pictures of themselves or reveal a bit too much info about themselves, well, sorry, your on your own in my opinion. I mean, there will always be people IRL that will be in your face and always giving TMI. Why would it be any different on FB?

    I guess the grey zone is where social networking sites (like the dreaded FB) make it not so obvious or easy to set your privacy settings. I think you mentioned that in your last post…essentially that there need to be better controls and options.

    Lots of food for thought! Great interview.

  2. Merci pour le feedback!

    You bring a lot of good points, Suzanne. There is something to be said about the loss of privacy AND the loss of individuality but it’s on a higher plane, after we’ve dealt with the sensationalistic issues related to vanity and security. It’s hard to get to that second level on television. Hell, it’s hard to get to that deeper level on conversation « in real life »!

    And I’m glad I didn’t come through as someone who drinks the Kool-Aid. I was afraid that it would be the case because of the position I ended up taking.

  3. I find that happens often in debates. Even if you start out positioned in the middle on an issue, if someone is really against something, you end up really arguing for it, even if you have your own misgivings about the subject!

  4. Bravo, Martine. :) Agreeing with Suzanne, I appreciated the way in which you presented the pros of basically how reality is these days as well as gently denouncing some of the cliches people tend to want to hold onto when confronting change.

    And honestly, I can name 10 good new friends that I now interact with both online and offline, all of whom I met and made through the reseau digi-sociaux of blogging and even Facebook.

  5. Bravo pour ton «mots de la fin» très bonne observation du phénomène. two thumbs up!!

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