Un petit effort?

Patrick du blogue i never knew, l’homme à tout faire du Web qui s’occupe bravement et bénévolement du site de Yulblog, vient de faire une poussée d’impatience envers les journalistes en général de même qu’envers certains blogueurs, concernant leur manière de traiter du Web dans leurs articles. En gros, il leur reproche de ne pas assez faire de recherche quand ils traitent d’un sujet, surtout quand il est question d’une soit-disant « nouveauté » sur le Web québécois. Les articles publiés finissent par avoir l’air davantage de communiqués de presse exhaltés que de véritables textes informatifs. Il déplore aussi qu’on retrouve toujours les mêmes personnnes interviewées pour ce type d’articles.

« I’ve heard time and again (and said so myself) that we always see the same faces on Québec tv shows, some of it is due to the small size of the market but a lot of it is due to laziness and echochamber inbreeding. I know this web situation is nothing new and it happens in all media on all subjects but lets make an effort people, this is a new medium, could we try and do it just a wee bit better this time around? »

La question vaut vraiment la peine d’être posée. Si vous avez des observations à faire sur le sujet, je vous encourage à les faire dans les commentaires du blogue de Patrick plutôt qu’ici. Je voulais attirer l’attention sur son billet mais je ne veux pas m’approprier la discussion.

Uninspired Monday

When you are too busy or uninspired to post, there’s always a cat picture to point to.

One of the reasons why I have a cat and no children is because I hate packing. I really don’t like it at all. I even hate packing for weekend trips, so you can imagine how this kind of story scares me to death. Packing for two. What a nightmare.

I babysat my nephews over the weekend. They arrived Saturday with their bags all packed and left with their bags on Sunday. This is how I like children. (I also love watching bad teenage movies with them snuggled up on the couch with me, but that’s too cute to mention.)

Note: For those of you who are curious, my nephew Renaud, who had broken his arm and gave us a good scare this summer, is doing really well. His arm has healed and the follow up x-rays showed that the benign tumor seems mostly gone. The doctor gave him the right to play basketball again, so he scored 20 baskets at a game last weekend! I guess he really missed his favorite sport.