À vos marques… attendez!

La comédie romantique pour adolescents À vos marques… Party!, dont j’ai co-écrit le scénario, arrive en salle le 4 avril 2007. On me dit que la bande-annonce est déjà disponible dans certains cinémas québécois. Je ne l’ai pas encore vue et je suis très curieuse de voir le résultat… En fait, je n’ai rien vu encore du montage mais on m’a promis que ça ne devrait pas tarder. Paraît que la trame sonore est excellente, avec entre autre la musique de Andrée Watters et de Ytheband.


I saw the movie Babel last night. I had really liked Amores Perros but had gotten impatient with 21 grams. I also lost some of my patience watching Babel, especially towards the end when every story line climbs to a crescendo of tears and despair. Blork and I were talking about the movie afterwards (he liked it) and I couldn’t quite find the words to explain what was bothering me about the film. I felt like each storyline, even though very simple, could have been interesting in and of itself, but that putting them together made them lose their interest.

I always like to read reviews after I see a movie instead of before. This review I found in Salon expressed, better than I could, part of my reaction to Babel:

I guess that’s the point: Our actions may have consequences we can’t imagine, halfway around the world; when a butterfly bats its wings a baby is born, and all that. OK, but in the case of « Babel » what that produces is two powerful and intriguing mini-films whose only connection to each other is a third one that’s barely half as good.

My own reluctant conclusion, after three films of González Iñárritu’s career, is that he’s a brilliant, intuitive director who’s also kind of an intellectual lightweight. That’s no crime when it comes to filmmaking; nobody ever accused Scorsese or Fellini or Hitchcock of philosophical profundity either. I hate to criticize anybody for artistic ambition, but the problem with « Babel » isn’t that it’s a bad movie. It’s a good movie, or, more accurately, it’s several pieces of good movie, chopped up in service of a pretentious, portentous and slightly silly artistic vision.

Of course, this doesn’t take anything away from the great performances of Adriana Barraza and Rinko Kikuchi.

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